Have you fallen in love with ASMR yet?  If not you probably should.

Look at my big beautiful breasts.  Listen to my soft soothing voice.  You’ll love it.

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I was sitting by the wood stove thinking about sex, and I had a video inspiration. My camcorder broke, ice on the windows made it dark for the webcam in the cabin and the fire kept popping and crackling in the background. None of that stopped me though! This is a casual video. No script. Sort of Tantric. Simple, fun.

And cheap, cause of the tech issues: 30 minutes and only $15.99.


Look what came in the mail!
Get a 4 minute teaser video for $3.




My Voice Controls Your Cock
Is it hard to get hard sometimes?  Not anymore!  This clip will make you instantly rock hard whenever you hear my voice.  Just a little conditioning for your mind and body. :)



Lilith + yahweh: A Story To Drain Your Cock
Let’s talk about a story as old as Judaism – Yahweh created Lilith, the first woman, the perfect woman, and She dominated the f*ck out of Adam and then Yahweh. When Yahweh tried to assert his puny little willpower over Her She swore to haunt the men made in his image forever, stealing your seed and making you as weak as your god. You just can’t stop cumming for Her, can you?
Contains: erotic trance, mind games, haunting, orgasms. :)
18 minutes, $19.99

Are you in a relationship with a Bad God?
Does he tell you that you were born bad? Does he say no one else would love you? Does he murder his own son and say it’s all because you’re so bad?

Get out now before he kills your soul! Help is finally here: in this short audio (yep, no video!) I give you a very hypnotic hand job while freeing your soul. That’s all – there are absolutely no suggestions that you serve me or anyone else. (Though, uhm, watch for a cult induction video soon.)

Goddess River’s Cult Induction
This MP3 is my new masterpiece. It’s where I was trying to go with Devotee Training, but it’s also totally different from Devotee Training. Nothing that was in that is in this. My Cult Induction takes the form of a hypnofantasy story. You’ll descend into my world of magic and ritual, have a mind and soul blowing orgasm, and become Mine. Not the Jealous Goddess kind of Mine – you can join my cult and still enjoy worshiping other Goddesses. If you haven’t already, first deprogram yourself with this if you have a Christian or other monotheistic background. Fuck that shit, healthy grown ups can worship as many Goddesses and Gods as they want. It’s 14 minutes and it includes: story induction, strap on, anal play, tantra.


Two Bois and One Girl
Trixie and I are big bois with big boobs in Carhartts and suspenders and we treat Delia to a lot of dirty-talking in this role play. Delia looks so innocent and sweet with her hair in pigtails and her pretty smile, but I know what a cock-hungry slut she is and she BETTER make both Trixie AND me feel good! We get her to suck our big cocks and take turns fucking her but it turns out Delia likes it too much so we slow her down before taking it into a countdown before she’s allowed to touch herself while she rides my big cock and finally gets to cum.

Uhm, I look bad in this video. But Delia (the star) looks really hot. And it’s, yanno, authentic.


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3 Ladies in Nightgowns
Do you want to see more videos with no hypnosis? This is some kinky as fuck queer mommy play, but I’m not the domme. Actually, maybe there is no domme, or maybe Mommy Delia is sort of an angelic sweet MommyDommey.

My friend Trixie want Mommy Delia to stop reading and play with us. We love her soft silky panties and when she feels good they grow! We all have at least one orgasm in this video. There’s all kinds of cock sucking, cock riding, hand jobs, and doggy style. Plus everything is all soft and pretty. It’s 40 minutes long and it’s yours for just $29.99!


Breast Induction: An Introduction

Sometimes people joke about the idea of a man getting hypnotized by a womans breasts. Especially if her breasts are nice and big, like mine… it’s almost as if breasts have a naturally hypnotic power. Actually, it’s true. My breasts will hypnotize you. Are you ready to be slowly, deliciously stripped of all… your… control?

Losing Control: Hands Free Orgasm

I use my breasts to wipe your mind. They take you to such a relaxing, comfortable place. It’s so nice to lose control, isn’t it? But there’s that last little bit of tension to be… released.

Addicted to Goddess River

In this twenty one minute trance I use several methods to take you very, very deep… and deeper. Then I implant a suggestion of addiction… but of course like any hypnotic suggestion, your subconscious will only accept it if it’s in your best interest.

Honey, I shrunk… you.

Come with me on a hypnotic journey… a journey where you become very small. You just keep shrinking and shrinking, until you’re the size of a game piece or a cheerio. What will I do with you, my little pet?

Goddess River’s Hypnotic Breasts

You just can’t resist the hypnotic power of my big beautiful breasts, can you? Even if you wanted to…

This sweet little trance will increase your hypnotic response to my breasts times a million. Think you can handle it?

Submit to Women

Do you ever wonder if you have a purpose in life? A reason you’re here? This clip will increase your obedience and submission to ALL women.

Maya Loses Control Under Hypnosis, part 1 of 2′

I found this lovely lady and she couldn’t resist, I hypnotized her. Watch her eyes grow heavy and her body limp… watching soon you are tranced out too. What will I do with you, pets? This clip includes sensation play, some foot and tickling, and a lot of lighthearted mind control.

(This clip is really amateur/homemade in terms of angles and stuff)

Maya Loses Control Under Hypnosis, part 2 of 2

You need both parts! It’s one half hour session but we split it right in half so if you just get the first part you’ll be confused when it ends abruptly, plus you’ll miss most of the orgasmic fun.

Devotee Training

Are you ready to fall into my world? This is a training video, the first part in a long series where I teach you ecosexual tantra, my brand of sex magick, and how to live. You know, just the basics.

Fall into My garden

I’ll give you a guided tour and introduce you to just a few of the exquisite pleasures waiting there…

This video is a little more technical and detailed than my usual style. It has a few triggers that will only work when they come from me. Just fun stuff like tickling and an empty mind.

Falling in Love
You know that sweet dopamine rush you get when you’re so in love and so turned on and so happy all at the same time? This is all about that feeling and falling in love with me…

Hypno Baby
You’ll love being a little baby for me. You’re so tiny and adorable! I’ll even sing you to sleep with a lullabye

Money is Power

…and you’re going to give it all to me. Warning: don’t watch this video unless you’re prepared to pay me all the time!

Are you stressed out? Having some trouble sleeping? Don’t worry, I can help you with that. Once I’m in control of your mind you’ll release all your stress and fall into a deep sleep – make sure you set an alarm if you need to wake up.

Themes: breast induction, relaxation, orgasm, stress release.

Special Effects: never!

Time: 29 m

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