Can I have an orgasm with hypnosis?

Short answer: yes, you can!

The longer answer is that a hands free orgasm might take some conditioning and that there are different types of hypnotic orgasms. While a good amount of people can watch my hands free video and orgasm on the first try, for about half it takes 2-5 listenings to build up the response.

There aren’t any orgasm triggers in that video, but in live sessions I like to train submissives to cum on command. It’s so fun to play with!

There is a subcategory of hypnotic orgasms for those who have difficulty orgasming at all or have premature ejaculation. It’s a sad fact that in our culture there are many reasons people become unable to orgasm. Luckily most of these reasons, even physical ones, can be overcome with hypnosis. Wendi Friesen has created a lot of recordings for situations like this, and I have some in the works.

Tantric orgasms and breathgasms are another subcategory of hypnotic orgasm. Anyone can learn to have a hands free orgasm with these techniques, hypnosis is just another way of teaching them. Hypnosis is a great experiential teacher – instead of experimenting with your experience and building on it, it can be created for you and you can skip through months of practicing. That’s part of what my Devotee series-in-progress is all about.

If you’re new to erotic hypnosis, think about the kind of experience you would enjoy and look for a video that matches it – or send me an email ( and we can set up a live, personal session.

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