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Hello friends, lovers, fetishists, devotees, and devoted trancers,

Gosh, it’s been about a million years since I was on the internet! I’ve been travelling and visiting amazing people and being home and being visited by lovely people and stuff.

Now I’m finally in town and back online and I’ve been very productive. The most exciting thing is that I have a new store! Now I can finally get 95% of your moneys instead of 60%!

This is mostly thanks to an amazing lady, Lightning Allie. I got back to internetland and made a giant list of things to do. Answer emails, start store, upload everything, code everything, set up new website for everything, make new videos, make new videos, etc. It was long, so instead of doing it I sent all the internet stuff to Allie and made videos instead, which turned out to be a great plan.

Now I have new videos (I’ll release one every week or two – or Allie will do it for me if I’m out in the woods) AND you can buy them directly from me! Of course if your more comfortable with NF/C4S/KB I’ll still be uploading to those places. But this is a much better deal – you pay less, I get more, and your information is totally secure with dreamhost.

Okay, are you ready for the new video? It’s called Deep Sleep, and while it is a deep trance it’s mostly about getting a good nights sleep. I’d been meaning to make it for a friend forever and finally I just sat down and did it. It’s an unscripted repeat of a session we do a lot and it’s totally meant for everyone, especially if you’re an everyone who has a hard time getting to sleep. In this video I take you way down and you release all the things keeping you awake with a world-quaking orgasm and then slip into a deep sleep. Plan on being asleep at the end of this session. Don’t loop it. Set your alarm if you need to get up.

Click here to get the MP4 file.

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