My Voice Controls Your Cock

Is it hard to get hard sometimes?  Not anymore!  This clip will make you instantly rock hard whenever you hear my voice.  Just a little conditioning for your mind and body. :)

I’ve gotten a lot of emails begging me to make mp3’s as well as videos, so I’ve done it: you can download this as an mp3 or an mp4.  You probably already know you should stare at a pic of my big beautiful breasts while you’re listening, but in a pinch I’m sure you can pull up a mental image.

Are you new? Check out a little sample vid at

Get the MP3 for $13!

Get the MP4 for $14

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1 comment to My Voice Controls Your Cock

  • cdbtoo

    Hello River,

    It seems that the links aren’t working for this file.

    Have a fantastic day!

    Kind regards,


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